A Note from the Music Department

Catherine Grealish here, composer and co-producer of Ancient Aliens: Severed Skies.

I am very excited to be co-scoring ZeroPoint Studios’ premiere game with fellow composer and dear friend Eric Nielsen.

It is always great to have the opportunity to work on a fun game with a great team of Indie developers but there are two major reasons why we’re particularly excited to be working with ZeroPoint Studios.

Firstly, we were brought on very early in the timeline. This way we had time to workshop and develop ideas and receive feedback while everything else was also being developed. It has made the scoring process a lot more organic and we really feel like part of the team. Often you are brought in so late to a game that it is a mad dash to the finish line. The concept of bringing composers in at the beginning was reaffirmed the other day when the creative team of Blizzard participated in a panel discussion organized by the Academy of Scoring Arts. It was exciting to hear them speak to how important this is while being part of an indie game studio that had also embraced this concept.

Secondly, the music we are developing for Ancient Aliens is a unique challenge. The game is set in ancient earth civilizations like Egypt and producer Evan Hembacher had the idea of integrating ancient indigenous instruments into the score, sounds which which would then merge with more traditional gaming space-shooter soundscapes. Eric and I had a lot of fun researching indigenous ancient instruments, scales and soundscapes and worked on how to make the integration process natural and exciting.

In future blog posts Eric and I will be taking turns sharing with you specific aspects of the scoring process which we find fun, exciting and challenging. We are loving this journey and we hope you will stay with us.

Here is a sample of some of the music Eric and I have been creating for the game. We would love to hear your thoughts!


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